Hold me Forever.
Hold me Forever.

Hold me Forever.

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All of the statues are Handmade and Handpainted. The product used to make these states are "plaster of Paris" and sealed with sealant using a paintbrush.

Plaster cast sculptures are created by making a damp clay mold by placing plaster directly on an object, a technique often used to make plaster hand sculptures or molds of the subject's face.

The base color on the statues is using a paintbrush and acrylic paint using hand.

This will make a great present for friends as well as it will make lovely home decor.

Lead-free, hand made, hand painted. It is created with a high standard of quality and very vibrant colors that do not fade.

Hand-wash only, use a soft cloth with mild detergent.


W:4, H:9

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