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High Touch started in Wilmette in 2017 as a Spa and Boutique. We named our shop High Touch because of high quality services and products. It doesn’t matter if you are getting a spa treatment or shopping you will always see and touch products that are unique which are made with care and a lot of love. You can choose a wide range of handmade and hand painted pottery, 100% custom-made wool or silk scarves, pure cotton shirts, cashmere ponchos, a wide variety of jewelry, handmade bags, organic candles, and soaps, steel tableware, and much more. .

Our Customer Review


I absolutely love my minakari ceramic bowl! The intricate hand-painted design adds a touch of elegance to my dining table. The craftsmanship is remarkable, and it's both functional and decorative


Los Angeles, USA


I bought a Red Rose Ceramic flower vases from Hightouch Shop Pottery, and they are absolutely gorgeous. The craftsmanship is outstanding, with beautiful hand-painted designs. They add a touch of elegance to my living room, and I receive compliments from everyone who visits


New York ,USA


My Handcrafted Ceramic Vase is a true work of art! The attention to detail and the intricate patterns make it a stunning centerpiece for my living room. Its versatility allows me to display beautiful flowers or simply let its beauty shine on its own.

Nikki Rowton



I am enchanted by my Handmade Ceramic Mug! The unique glaze gives it a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind look. Every sip feels like a luxurious experience, and it has become my favorite companion for cozy mornings and relaxing evenings.

Kory Maples



My Handcrafted Ceramic Candle Holder brings a warm and inviting ambiance to my home. The delicate details and the soothing glow of the candle create a cozy atmosphere. It's a beautiful addition to my living room decor, perfect for moments of relaxation and tranquility

Heather Harris

Dallas, Texas